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MBBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

MBBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant


MBBR wastewater treatment plant is designed to treat the industrial park sewage including waste water from office, washroom etc. Based on the water quality of waste water, we adopt MBBR technology to reduce the COD, BOD, Suspended solids and oil & grease and meet the requirement of treated effluent water. To considering the water saving and environment protect, this treated effluent water will be deep treated by MMF system and reuse the output water for using for WC flushing, landscape irrigation. Whole system apply mature, high-efficient, energy-saving technology, and well consider of automatic controlling and real time monitoring, to supply the stable, durable, easy operation and labor saving system for customers.


MBBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant
O406, Greens Center, Opp Pudumjee Paper Mill, Aditya Birla Hospital Road, PCMC, Thergaon, Pune-411033, Maharashtra, India

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